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Antlions, Mantidflies, Owlflies

Antlions Mantidflies Owl Flies

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Agriculturally speaking, Siem Reap Province is one of the poorest in the country; but antlions don’t mind. Their larvae are right at home in the sand! As for mantidflies and owlflies—well, they, too, have adapted well to the local environment… All can be found--albeit with some irregularity--in the Angkor Temple Complex.


antlions-01a antlions-02b antlions-03c antlions-04d antlions-05DSCN1298 antlions-06DSCN3449 antlions-07DSCN4346 antlions-08DSCN4352 antlions-09DSCN6505 antlions-10DSCN6731 antlions-11DSCN7392 antlions-12DSCN7635 antlions-13DSCN7807 antlions-14DSCN7901 antlions-15DSCN8859 antlions-16DSCN8876 antlions-17DSCN9004 antlions-18DSCN9668 antlions-19e antlions-20f antlions-21g antlions-22h antlions-23i antlions-24j antlions-25k antlions-26l antlions-27m antlions-28n antlions-29o antlions-30p antlions-3120190404_161559


mantidflies-01a mantidflies-02b mantidflies-03c mantidflies-04d mantidflies-05DSCN9409