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For a unique introduction to Cambodian food and culture, do consider our Combo Tour.

Avoid consecutive days of Temple Tours. They'll wear you out. Moreover, during your Temple Tours, consider also breakfast and/or lunch in Angkor Thom, Stall #38.
Tell them Dani sent you, and get a discount! Servings are large, so don't over-order. Your driver gets a free meal.
Everyone's a winner at #38!

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A word about the US Dollar:
It's common currency here. Very convenient... but only if the bills are pristine. So, don't bring bills that are old, torn, worn-out, wrinkled, written-on, stained, etc. They will most certainly be rejected, and you will be stuck with them--unless you care to accept a major cut by a local money-changer, to have them exchanged.
Likewise, accept only pristine bills from restaurants, shops, hotels, etc. People here tend to offload their bad bills on unsuspecting tourists... YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!


Here we highlight the tradition of rafter beekeeping practiced near Siem Reap, in NW Cambodia... and focus on the efforts of a 3-man team to turn this dry season activity practiced by a few, into a sustainable livelihood to benefit many, and to promote appropriate technology beekeeping of indigenous bees.

A: It's a technique/tradition, where honey-hunters simply place tree poles--"rafters", which mimic the large tree branches bees normally colonize--at a slight angle and low to the ground, to encourage colonies of migrating Giant Honeybees to settle on them. The end result is safe-and-easy access to honey, and a golden opportunity for bee enthusiasts to view them up close and in person, on a Bee Tour with us!

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Pioneers in Their Field

Bees Unlimited was established in 2008, and is based in Siem Reap, NW Cambodia. We have long been the leader when it comes to promoting the practices of rafter beekeeping and sustainable harvesting in this country. We also implemented a comprehensive village-based program, early on, that combined appropriate technology beekeeping with practical hands-on training in indigenous bee beekeeping.

Bees Unlimited has always focused on both rafter beekeeping and sustainable honey-harvesting, helping traditional honey-hunters and rafter beekeepers, while also providing beekeeping assistance to international, non-governmental organizations, local communities, and even private individuals in Cambodia.

The bees we've worked with:

dorsata florea
Apis dorsata Apis florea
cerana trigona
Apis cerana Trigona

Contact Bees Unlimited to learn how you can make a difference for good when it comes to beekeeping and sustainable honey-harvesting in Cambodia; and, while visiting Siem Reap, please don't hesitate to contact Bees Unlimited to arrange a bee tour where you can observe this unique rafter beekeeping tradition.

Over the years Bees Unlimited has helped steer rafter beekeepers in NW Cambodia away from destructive one-cut-take-all harvesting, and taken the rafter beekeeping tradition to yet another level, by introducing it and sustainable honey-harvesting to other communities in this country.

* * * * *

So much has changed in and around Siem Reap since 2008...
The forest habitat of the bees has been decimated; prime areas of bee forage have been plowed up and planted in non bee-friendly crops like black pepper and cassava; bee colonies are ransacked for their brood, which is sold to and eaten by an ever-increasing local population that cares little about the environment, and even less about the importance of bees; as a result, honeybee numbers are way, way down.

These are bad times, not only for the bees but also for rafter beekeepers, and Bees Unlimited... to where our focus is less on bees and more on Eco Tours.

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