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Highlighting the unique and dying tradition of rafter beekeeping of the Giant Honeybee, Apis dorsata, practiced by few, near Siem Reap, in NW Cambodia — and the efforts of an innovative team of beekeepers—one, a traditional honey-hunter/rafter beekeeper himself—to turn this seasonal activity into a sustainable livelihood for many, and to promote appropriate technology beekeeping of indigenous bees.

RAFTER BEEKEEPING: A technique/tradition, where honey-hunters place tree poles—"rafters"—which mimic the
large tree branches they normally colonize, at a slight angle and low to the ground, to encourage migrating
Giant Honeybees to settle on them. The end result: safe-and-easy access to honey--
and an opportunity to view them in person, on a Bee Tour with Bees Unlimited--Your Temple Tour Alternative!

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Pioneers in Their Field

Bees Unlimited, based in Siem Reap Province, is the leader in Cambodia when it comes to promoting the practices of rafter beekeeping and sustainable honey-harvesting; it is also the only facilitator of its kind in the country with a comprehensive village-based beekeeping program that combines appropriate technology with hands-on, practical training in indigenous bee beekeeping.

Bees Unlimited works primarily with traditional Honey-Hunters and Rafter Beekeepers, specializes in Rafter Beekeeping and Sustainable Honey-harvesting, and is available to assist international organizations, non-governmental organizations, local communities, and individuals where the potential for such activities in Cambodia exist.

Bees Unlimited offers hands-on training in indigenous bee beekeeping. We work with the following bees:

dorsata florea
Giant Honeybees (Apis dorsata) Dwarf Honeybees (Apis florea)
cerana trigona
Asian Hive Honeybees (Apis cerana) Stingless Bees (Trigona)

Contact Bees Unlimited to learn how you can make a difference for good when it comes to beekeeping/sustainable honey-harvesting in Cambodia. While visiting Cambodia, contact Bees Unlimited to arrange a tour to a local community, where you can observe rafter beekeeping in action.

Bees Unlimited is not only helping to steer the 60-odd rafter beekeepers of NW Cambodia away from one-cut-take-all harvesting; it is also taking the unique--and dying--centuries-old tradition of rafter beekeeping to another level, by introducing it and sustainable honey-harvesting to other communities in Cambodia.

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