Bees Unlimited Siem Reap

Bees Unlimited is not a Business.
Bees Unlimited is a Service.

Our Purpose

Bees Unlimited is dedicated to disseminating appropriate instruction and education in and about beekeeping, sustainable honey-harvesting, and honey and wax processing that can be replicated at little or no cost to the individuals involved. By demonstrating an income-generating alternative to bee killing we seek to assist those who benefit most from protecting Asian honeybees.

Bees Unlimited does not support the importation and exploitation of exotic bee species in Cambodia, but works exclusively with indigenous honeybee species, particularly Apis dorsata.

Those We Seek To Educate:

  1. Marginalized families motivated to try something different;
  2. Opportunistic farmers/fishermen keen to learn more about the natural resource they occasionally exploit and/or destroy—honeybees;
  3. Traditional honey-hunters struggling to make ends meet in a dying profession.

How You can Help

Explore Information: Browse our bee pages, and other bee-friendly websites, to learn more about beekeeping, the opportunities/challenges of traditional honey-hunting, and sustainable harvesting in the developing world.

Support Sustainable Harvesters: By purchasing pure, organic, wild honey from sustainable honey-harvesters, you show them that breaking away from their traditional 'one-cut-take-all' method of harvesting, was a step in the right direction.

Arrange a Tour with Us: If you're into bees, and are in Siem Reap between November and April, our Rafter Beekeeping Tour is definitely a tour you'll not want to miss. And, while you're at it, do check out our other tour options, as well.