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Bees Unlimited is not a Business.
Bees Unlimited is a Service.

Our Purpose

Bees Unlimited is dedicated to disseminating appropriate instruction and education in and about beekeeping, sustainable honey-harvesting, and honey and wax processing that can be replicated at little or no cost to the individuals involved. By demonstrating an income-generating alternative to bee killing we seek to assist those who benefit most from protecting Asian honeybees.

Bees Unlimited is against the importation and use of exotic species into Cambodia such as European Honeybees, (Apis mellifera), and works strictly with indigenous honeybee species, particularly Apis dorsata, Giant Honeybees.

Those We Seek To Help

Bees Unlimited seeks to Serve and to Educate:
  1. Marginalized families motivated to try something different;
  2. Opportunistic farmers/fishermen keen to learn more about the natural resource they occasionally exploit and/or destroy—honeybees;
  3. Traditional honey-hunters struggling to make ends meet in a dying profession; and even
  4. Local middlemen involved in the honey/wax trade.

How You can Help

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1 Explore Information: Browse this, and other bee-friendly sites,
(including,, and, for example), to learn more about beekeeping, and of the opportunities and challenges of traditional honey-hunting and sustainable harvesting, in the developing world.
CLICK HERE for more information.

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2 Support Sustainable Honey-harvesters: Honey-hunting is a dying profession; and, sustainable honey-hunters are a rare 'breed' in Cambodia. Contact us to buy pure, organic, wild honey from sustainable honey-harvesters; for by purchasing their honey, you show them that breaking away from their traditional 'one-cut-take-all' method of harvesting, was a giant step in the right direction.
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3 Arrange a Village Bee Tour with Us: If you are in the Siem Reap/Angkor Wat area, join us to meet the villagers whose lives we seek to enhance, and explore the unique biodiversity of the rafter beekeeping community, with its unique orchids, fascinating pitcher plants, and more. Well off the typical tourist track, this opportunity of a life-time is one tour not to be missed. CLICK HERE for more information.

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4 Support Our Project: We are always open to funding from those wishing to partner in on-going education and development, or to contract our services. (Financial assistance to further the work of sustainable honey-harvesting in Cambodia and impact rafter beekeepers, traditional honey-hunters, their families, their communities, and their world, is always welcome). CLICK HERE for more information.

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  • 5 Contract Our Services: Bees Unlimited is the only facilitator in Cambodia which offers comprehensive village-based instruction in indigenous bee beekeeping that combines appropriate technology with hands-on, practical training.
    CLICK HERE for more information about what we do.
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    6 Promote Our Work: Purchase, and wear our colourful
    Bees Unlimited T-shirts. CLICK HERE for more information.

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