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Wax, Pollen, and Honey in the Market


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Rendered by rafter beekeepers, this is what quality bees wax looks like:

pure-wax-01DSC_0168 pure-wax-02DSCN0740 pure-wax-03DSCN3193 pure-wax-04DSCN5208 pure-wax-05DSCN8217 pure-wax-06Tbeng43

Market wax, on the other hand, is not very clean or appealing:

wax-0120190627_084254 wax-0220191104_140509 wax-03bees_honey_brood15 wax-04DSCN1833 wax-05DSCN4399 wax-06DSCN8546

Pure, raw pollen on the comb, gathered by bees from countless floral species, wild and domestic:

pure-pollen-0120200116_105701 pure-pollen-0220221226_110437 pure-pollen-0320230124_1404220 pure-pollen-04DSCN4089 pure-pollen-05DSCN4841 pure-pollen-0620240208_112323

Raw pollen is rarely consumed by Cambodians; it's discarded by most local honey-hunters and rafter beekeepers. Pollen is, however, collected by some, and sold to unscrupulous buyers in urban areas, who blend it with water and sugar syrup to make "honey"... illegally, it must be said. Some samples:

pollen-0120200119_085131 pollen-0220200124_075651 pollen-0320200127_073522 pollen-0420200129_083239 pollen-0520200217_084140 pollen-0620240314_081843

Cambodian wild honey is a fragrant, delightful multi-floral blend of forest and countryside nectar that varies from week to week in colour--and in flavour that is second to none.

pure-honey-0120200103_123244 pure-honey-0220230124_140150 pure-honey-03DSCN4714 pure-honey-04DSCN6012 pure-honey-05DSCN9166 pure-honey-06Tbeng19a

All too frequently, however, as you'll see in the photos below, honey--sold by the litre in Cambodian markets--is disgusting to look at, and tastes like sugar syrup. Here's why: 1) bees, larvae, bits of pollen, and wax are all part of the mix; 2) it actually is—more often than not—sugar syrup (a blend of water, sugar, and pollen), home-made in cities and towns, and dressed up to look and taste like the real thing. It doesn’t; but then, most buyers have never tasted pure Cambodian honey, so they wouldn't honestly know.

With no sense of moral obligation, even expatriate entrepreneurs have been in on the act, marketing home-made sugar syrup as Pure, Wild, or Natural Honey; and Thai honey as Cambodian Honey—thus duping tourists, as well as the general public!

Over the years, Bees Unlimited has worked with rafter beekeepers and honey-hunters, demonstrating proper honey-harvesting, filtering, and storage techniques, as well as wax processing; and provided them the opportunity to obtain higher prices for their better-quality products--always encouraging them to sell nothing but the real thing.

honey-0120200220_084640 honey-0220201225_072119 honey-0320221216_124750 honey-0420230301_141312 honey-0520230320_084851 honey-0620230329_072741 honey-0720230609_081719 honey-08DSCN0765 honey-09DSCN1010 honey-10DSCN1044 honey-11DSCN1604 honey-12DSCN1611 honey-13DSCN1731 honey-14DSCN2535 honey-15DSCN2879 honey-16DSCN3139 honey-17DSCN3162 honey-18DSCN3265 honey-19DSCN3640 honey-20DSCN3712 honey-21DSCN3798 honey-22DSCN4267 honey-23DSCN4816 honey-24DSCN4951 honey-25DSCN5060 honey-26DSCN5345 honey-27DSCN5392 honey-28DSCN5857 honey-29DSCN6479 honey-30DSCN6718 honey-31DSCN6879 honey-32DSCN7071 honey-33DSCN7355 honey-34DSCN7461 honey-35DSCN7533 honey-36DSCN7656 honey-37DSCN7827 honey-38DSCN7875 honey-39DSCN7992 honey-40DSCN8137 honey-41

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