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Apis dorsata

Apis Dorsata

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These giants of the honeybee world, exploited traditionally in Cambodia for their honey and wax, as well as their larvae, produce copious amounts of honey, and are the bees of choice for local honey-hunters. Migratory, and cosmopolitan in nature, they will nest high up under the tall tree canopy or very low to the ground. They are as equally at home in a small town or large city, as they are in the countryside or forest. Their often enormous single-comb colonies (that need to be seen to be believed!) and aggressively defensive demeanor make them unsuitable candidates for domestication. However, rafter beekeeping allows honey-hunters easy access to colonies, which, when smoked, are readily exploited with minimum fuss.

Bees Unlimited works with rafter beekeepers, encouraging them to engage in sustainable honey-harvesting; and assists them in marketing their product.

Keen to observe Cambodian honeybees in the company of local beekeepers? Join Bees Unlimited--Your Temple Tour Alternative on a Bee Tour.

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