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Apis cerana


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Unlike the neighbouring countries of Thailand and Vietnam, where an age-old tradition of keeping Asian Hive Honeybees exists, there is no such tradition in Cambodia; however, the Bees Unlimited team has, in recent years, played a major role in introducing low-input, appropriate technology beekeeping to farmers in NW Cambodia, by catching swarms, transferring feral colonies to top-bar hives set up at family homes, and teaching villagers basic hive management.

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apis-cerana-001DSCN3982 apis-cerana-002DSCN4182 apis-cerana-003DSCN5458 apis-cerana-004DSCN8327 apis-cerana-005DSCN8771 apis-cerana-007DSCN9076 apis-cerana-008 apis-cerana-008DSCN9875a apis-cerana-010Cerana02 apis-cerana-011Cerana03 apis-cerana-012Cerana04 apis-cerana-013Cerana05 apis-cerana-014Cerana06 apis-cerana-016Cerana08 apis-cerana-017Cerana09 apis-cerana-018Cerana10 apis-cerana-019DSCN6189 apis-cerana-020Cerana12 apis-cerana-021Cerana13 apis-cerana-022Cerana14 apis-cerana-023Cerana15 apis-cerana-024Cerana16 apis-cerana-025Cerana17 apis-cerana-026Cerana18 apis-cerana-026DSCN1331 apis-cerana-028DSCN3619 apis-cerana-029DSCN3676 apis-cerana-032DSCN4452 apis-cerana-033DSCN4964 apis-cerana-036DSCN5989 apis-cerana-037DSCN6393 apis-cerana-038DSCN6209 apis-cerana-039cerana07 apis-cerana-040cerana01

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