Bees Unlimited Siem Reap

Waterfowl, 2018

Media Birds 2018

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The killing continues, and numbers continue to decline… the number of birds, that is! Maybe the saga will end when the birds are all gone. Maybe.
It's not looking any better for 2019 .

birds-2018-01DSCN0313 birds-2018-02DSCN0399 birds-2018-03DSCN0768 birds-2018-04DSCN4596 birds-2018-05DSCN4924 birds-2018-06DSCN4979 birds-2018-07DSCN5354 birds-2018-08DSCN5834 birds-2018-09DSCN5838 birds-2018-10DSCN6284 birds-2018-11DSCN6400 birds-2018-12DSCN6645 birds-2018-13DSCN7057 birds-2018-14DSCN9363 birds-2018-15DSCN9930 birds-2018-16DSCN9968

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