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Apis andreniformis


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This Dwarf Honeybee species, somewhat smaller than its common ‘cousin’ Apis florea--both in size and in colony--whose name in Khmer translates as "dog poo", of all things, favours forest habitat. It is the only indigenous honeybee here in NW Cambodia that is not cosmopolitan; thus it is seldom encountered by the general population... and even less so by Bees Unlimited.

apis-andreniformis-03DSCN9042 apis-andreniformis-04Andreniformis01 apis-andreniformis-05Andreniformis02 apis-andreniformis-06Andreniformis03 apis-andreniformis-07Andreniformis04 apis-andreniformis-09DSCN6460 apis-andreniformis08DSCN8236

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