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support our project

Bees Unlimited is very small; its service-oriented team consists of three conscientious beekeepers helping to expand the range of rafter beekeeping and sustainable honey-harvesting in Cambodia, as well as provide quality bee products to the general public. For a team that is not financially self-sufficient, this is no small task. A few of the reasons why:

• The concept of ‘sustainable’ harvesting is virtually unheard of—unknown—here, particularly in the many honey-hunting communities throughout the country; so, there’s a lot of room to cover.

• Unorthodox collecting and filtering methods mean that much of the pure honey harvested in Cambodia is of poor quality and a very grainy consistency (what with all the pollen that’s squeezed with it). Add to that the fact that larvae and adult bees are often thrown in the mix to 'authenticate' it. Local conception is certainly not enhanced either, when locally-based expatriate entrepreneurs market this poor quality honey, even extolling the nutritional value of its high pollen content.

• Little-to-no importance is given to wax; this valuable commodity is often just tossed out.

• Cambodian farmers just do not realize the value of bees to quality and quantity agricultural production. They haven’t a clue about the economic benefits of pollination.

Obviously, there's pleny of work that needs to be done... (Without begging for money) We could certainly use your help!