Bees Unlimited Siem Reap

Nepenthes of Cambodia


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There’s something about carnivorous plants that fascinate everyone from budding botanists to hard-core technophiles—and well they should. These plants that trap insects and arachnids, then devour and digest them with the aid of their own enzymes, are unique to the plant kingdom.

Cambodia—Kingdom of Wonder—is home to a variety of carnivorous plants, including numerous species of Nepenthes, or pitcher plants, which, in some areas of the country, are used as traditional medicine. To see more Nepenthes, CLICK HERE.

As a delightful alternative to a temple tour, visitors to Siem Reap now have an opportunity to discover this intriguing flora, and the kleptoparasitic spiders that exploit insects that fall prey to these fascinating plants, by accompanying Bees Unlimited on a Rafter Beekeeping Tour to Cambodia’s own Pitcher Plant Paradise. But be forewarned: we're talking leech-infested water here...