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Insects: Mantids (Mantodea)


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Numerous species of these fascinating creatures stalk their prey in the forests which have swallowed up temples of a bygone era.

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mantids-001DSCN1722 mantids-002DSCN3183 mantids-003DSCN3270 mantids-004DSCN3541 mantids-005DSCN5345 mantids-006DSCN5638 mantids-007DSCN5940 mantids-008DSCN6469 mantids-009DSCN7950 mantids-010DSCN8399 mantids-011DSCN9234 mantids-012Mantodea01 mantids-013Mantodea02 mantids-014Mantodea03 mantids-015Mantodea04 mantids-016Mantodea05 mantids-01820190821_123902 mantids-01920190924_141802 mantids-02020191019_125921

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