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Insects: Flies (Diptera)


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Judging from the number of photos here, it’s easy to see that Bees Unlimited does not focus much on flies; butterflies, yes; flies, no.
That said, flies abound in Cambodia—and not simply the filthy flies one sees on the food in the market place!

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flies-01DSCN1972 flies-02DSCN7231 flies-03DSCN9136 flies-04Diptera01 flies-05Diptera02 flies-0620190710_115228 flies-06Diptera03 flies-0720190716_092700 flies-0820190803_090117 flies-0920190813_153753 flies-1020190825_072319 flies-1120190901_135304 flies-1220190927_112610 flies-1320190928_115023 flies-1420191023_110803 flies-1520191102_125631

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