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Over the years, much has been written about “rafter beekeeping” as practiced on the Mekong Delta in Vietnam; and the ‘same, same—but different’ rafter tradition practiced in some flooded forests of the Indonesian archipelago.

However, it wasn’t until very recently—2004, in fact—that rafter beekeeping NW Cambodia-style was introduced to the international beekeeping community…

Bee Craft, the “Official Journal of the British Beekeepers Association” first broke the story in January of that year, with a story entitled "Rafter Beekeeping in Cambodia". Word spread even further in February, that year, when the discovery was presented during an Asian Apicultural Association Conference in the Philippines. Bee World then published an article in March of the same year, entitled “Rafter Beekeeping in Cambodia with Apis dorsata”.
And, as they say, "The rest is history"...! Not quite, really, as Rafter Beekeeping is still relatively unknown in the West.

Since then, the tradition of rafter beekeeping in NW Cambodia has been covered in the media by local Khmer and English-language newspapers, local and international magazines, Radio New Zealand, Radio Free Asia, Cambodian and Chinese television; and, individuals from countless different countries have accompanied Bees Unlimited into the field, to witness this unique tradition with their own eyes.

Bees Unlimited continues to spearhead the promotion of rafter beekeeping and sustainable honey-harvesting in Cambodia. Thank you for your support.